Saturday, December 24, 2016


2016 has been a year unlike any I have had.

It has been about five months since I last shared anything. I've taken some growing time to get into the flow of work, discovering new hobbies, meeting people...the whole experience of being new somewhere. In just the past seven months there have been so many experiences that have brought great joys, opportunities for gratitude and vulnerability. There have been times of great stress and sadness. However sitting here I am grateful for all of it. I am still struggling with some confusion and stress but I know it will help me grow. I am grateful for the new connections. I am grateful for the work and the brave kids I get to meet. I am grateful that I get to wake up and make choices each and every day.

I hope moving into 2017 I can remain on the side of my Father in Heaven.  I hope that things will continue to steadily move in the direction they are at this time.

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