Friday, March 11, 2016

Wounds and light

"The wound is the place where light enters the body." Rumi

I heard that last night while watching a video broadcast of Gabby Bernstein. And she was talking about being authentic. Showing the real self on social media. Or at least being authentic with each other to discuss our stuff. I LOVED it.

I've pondered on her words and the quote a lot and I completely agree. Through reflection, I can see how each wound I have humbled me enough to let light in. I choose to call the light Jesus Christ. You may call it something else. But as He has come in, healing has come. And it has been beautiful. I am so grateful for each and every wound because they led me straight to Him.

Some of those wounds were inflicted through the agency of others but the vast majority were self inflicted. And what is amazing, He still comes in. Even if we are the ones causing the damage. But we have to let go of pride long enough to let the light in.

I wouldn't ever wish wounds on anyone, especially addiction. But I do wish everyone could know the hard and love filled journey back to light and peace each addict has. And to me, it's all thanks to the bringer of light, Jesus Christ.

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