Tuesday, March 22, 2016

spoons ...it makes sense now

A few years ago, my wonderful roommate and friend described to me some of what life was like utilizing the spoon theory. I've thought of it a few times since then but haven't lingered there until about 9 months ago when I became sick while finishing my full-time mission for my church. Gratefully I was able to finish my service but life changed much.

Over the course of a month I found myself in increasing pain and diminishing energy. But with remembrance of the spoon theory and experiencing the realities of my present, tasks, efforts, everything had to be budgeted differently than before. But, to others I didn't look sick. I knew and my companion knew that I would run out if we weren't careful.

I'm so grateful though to remember and see these things and get it. To understand my dear friend more than ever before. We may not be in the same circumstances but if for a second we can empathize with another soul in this mortal journey, that is blessed.

The past three weeks have been pretty rough this time around. However, there is always light somewhere. Something to be grateful for. At this moment I'm grateful for laughter.  Loved ones. Doctors and this surgery coming up. Most important my Savior who provides a perfect brightness of hope to my soul.

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