Sunday, March 13, 2016

Out of the basement

i was participating in a recovery conference three years ago and was really impressed with one certain presenters opinion of coming out of the basement into the light. So many in any stage of their recovery understand and even desire the built in anonymity of 12-step meetings. I know there have been times when I think, thank goodness no one here has to know who I really am...all they get is my first name. But in recent months I have pondered more about the anonymity-is it helping? Or do we go in and come out and no one in most of our personal and professional life knows anything more about it? How vocal are we? Should we share more openly our realities or stay concealed?

This morning I came across a video by Terry Crews while exploring the Utah Coalition Against Pornography's Facebook page and he amazed me. I don't know how long he has been speaking his truth and owning life decisions and trying to help others, but it was amazing. He was brave. He spoke up and speaks out against pornography, talks about empowering people to freedom from their old life and consequently letting that life die. The core of what he said was so good and true.

What would the world benefits if more of us spoke up? Made ourselves known?

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