Sunday, March 20, 2016

enthusiastically a failure

I read the other day that "success consists of going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill gave us that grand bit of wisdom.

And as I thought about this I realized how true of a failure I am! I fail all the time. I fail at being brave to say things when I want. I fail at sharing feelings. I fail at giving light. I fail at getting out of my traps and snares unscathed each time they surface.

But isn't that was life is about? Because each time I fail, I succeed. Because I get.back.up. I fight again. I say brave things when God wants me to say them. I tend to share feelings when it is actually needed. Light is given when it is needed. And getting out of traps and snares with the bruises, scrapes and wounds are so I can keep learning and hopefully fail a little less or in a different way next time.

It is always about the fight. Thanks be to God that there is still fight in me. With the physical ailments, the attunement to 3 years of recovery from pornography addiction (to not lose it). And now working daily with this food addiction.

I've learned through TSFL and the gospel that it is truly ALL choices. There are times when choices are bound with stress and other emotional/lack of coping responses. But it is my agency. I haven't used my agency well the past three days. I feel it this morning. I feel the failure. But I am enthusiastic! I know I can get up and walk a day at a time to the next moment successfully.

What I am doing today to get back up, I am going to a meeting tonight. First meeting since being home from the mission. But it will be good. :) I have HOPE and I am optimistic about this. Because I have come farther than I failed and I know I can do more. :)

What choices will you make today to get up from your failures?


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