Thursday, January 14, 2016

Teaching in Spanish!

Date: Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 3:29 PM

Hey hey family and friends! 

I think on my last e-mail I will type each of your names out in here. Just bc I want everyone to know how much you mean to me!! :) I love you all. Thank you for the prayers or thoughts or words during the past weeks and months. I appreciate them all! 

This past week was quite amazing! We truly hit the ground running. I was able to do an exchange last Tuesday before I left Pomerene and go to some lessons and have some wonderful moments with Hermana Adams. She super inspired me as we taught someone in all spanish! Yep, she taught the lesson and I just sat there and smiled. :) We read a chapter together and that was really neat. He was so kind and even helped me when I struggled with words. I feel he will choose to learn more! 

I have to admit that I really, really miss Kristina and her people. :) But soon enough I can call her and all the good things. I truly trust the Lord's timing of transfers and know that Sister Jones and Desautels are supposed to be together to help Pomerene and Patton right now.

Then I came into YSA 2nd and Hidden Valley Wards and they are really great. We have been able to do some amazing work already within the first week of being together! We were able to see a girl named Grace who has this desire to just partake of good things. And it is really cool because she can see it according to what we learn in 2 Nephi 2, through opposition in all things. She is understanding the good and light because she has felt its opposite. 

I have met a few other amazing people and I know that more will come this week as we continue to try and do the Lord's work and His will. Tonight we will be going on exchanges and I will get to spend the next day in Binghampton ward and I am excited about that. There are some great people there I met when I was in the Campbell ward. 

We had the opportunity yesterday to have Stake Conference with Bishop Davies and it was interesting to me because the theme I heard through his talk and the sacrament we attended before was on temple worship, preparing to be worthy to be in the temple and having a more Christ centered life. I feel the theme of choosing to have faith in the Lord and His promises has been huge lately. Also to prepare myself to have the habits to be a lifelong disciple of Christ. I am grateful for a Savior who makes such things possible. 

Okay okay, picture time. :) The first picture is something that really impressed me at a funeral we attended a few weeks ago. The restoration of all things through resurrection. I can only imagine the peace of a body that is perfected. :)

The second picture is what is looks like in Pomerene. Haha we were out on Cascabel and it is pretty sparse. But I have to admit as much as I love being around things. I LOVE the open spaces out there more! 

The third picture is the best candid shot from me and the Barneys. I miss those kiddos.

The fourth is of me and the Sisters I just served around in St David. It was pouring and freezing that day! But they were fun. :) We really enjoyed our time least I did! Ha

The fifth is of me and Sister Diderickson. I was crowned the Queen because I was the only Sister in the whole zone leaving. 

The Sixth is me and Sister Condie. She is super fun and super cute! A super solid missionary. It was pouring that day too and we were super cold all day long.

The next is our drive to somewhere in Hidden Valley and it was just so funny to me how there was snowy mountains...and cactus.

The next is at a baptism of someone that Sister Stebar and I started teaching in Cienega and then Sister Chandler, Mizell and Cook came and taught her next. It was pretty awesome! :) What a wonderful day. 

The final was after Stake Conference yesterday...again crazy! Snowy mountains and Palm trees!!! What? 

Anyway I love you all! I love the Lord so much. I wouldn't be able to do anything out here without Him. Not have the strength, energy or capacities to do His work. I am so grateful for Him and the enabling power of his atonement. 


Sister Walter

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