Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Honest Day's Work

Date: Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 4:23 PM

Hey hey!

Hope y'all got last weeks news. It went through looking like a forward
instead of having the date like this. :) Anyways the gist was, week
was busy and so good! Met great people. Two amazing people I knew when
I served in Cienega Ward were baptized and we ended up suuuuuuuper
tired come Monday because of so much things. It was good. Grateful to
be working because I have gained an appreciation for an honest day's

This past week went by so fast. We were able to do exchanges with the
Binghampton Sisters and I think I found one of my favorite people in
the world. Sister Orr is such a cool person. She is a good missionary.
She wants to serve and work to do what is right. She has the sense of
humor of any friend I have ever had...(is that selfish or prideful to
say?). And she has this extremely mature trust in The Lord and His
timing and will. I super admire that about her. We met some amazing
people on exchanges and I am thankful for them and the lessons I
learned from them of humility, reverence, fun and truth.
Wednesday was zone meeting and it was the first time I have had to
train in front of a group that big but I am grateful for the Spirit's
ability to calm and be the teacher. I taught about the doctrine behind
the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity, the importance of our
bodies. And for me at least I learned so much from the Elders and
Sisters who were given the space to share their testimonies and
Thursday I met this amazing woman named Rose from Ireland who lived
through "the troubles" and we talked about conflict resolution and the
Good Friday accords. She is something else. Her testimony of a loving
Heavenly Father is really powerful. I can't wait til we see her again.
Friday we got to go to the temple. It was special, spiritual and I
learned that Father truly does answer prayers. I am grateful for the
revelation given in D&C 6.
Saturday we had the cool opportunity to blitz an Elders area and to
meet some friendly faces. And have a security blind closed in our face
while we were knocking. :) It was so funny because it was the first
time for Sister Condie. She laughed so hard!
Yesterday was a good and busy day. I am grateful for being able to
still serve the Lord and see the Spirit work so personally in peoples
lives. We met some amazing people yesterday who have had good
experiences with members before. And in moments like that I was
grateful to those who came before. For the members who go out of their
way to talk to someone they don't know. To those who try and serve one
more person or follow one more prompting though it may feel imperfect.
Grateful because of the truth in D&C 112:11. More lessons on love.
Because we also met someone yesterday who wants to learn more, who
came to church. Has been there 3 times before and until yesterday no
one had talked to her. They had walked away from her when the
surroundings had been unfamiliar and she didn't know where to go or
what to do. But as we talked with her she said she isn't doing it to
make friends. She wants to know what we believe, about how to gain a
deeper relationship with God. She is inspiring because she felt no
love yet but still came back because she was told to look for the
people with the tags if no one else would help.
May we all be a little more kind. A little more aware and worthy or
the companionship of the Spirit to know who needs that hand of
friendship. I won't always have this tag so this goes for me too.

Sister Walter

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