Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Date: Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 3:33 PM

Hello All!!

Merry Christmas!! I hope y'all have wonderful plans up your sleeve for
this week. :) That in the midst of the hustle of the world you find
time and get to make time for those people who matter. To set aside
the devices. To be with others. To love them. To give them one of your
greatest gifts which is your time.

This past week we were able to make tamales with a recent convert and
her husband. It was SO fun! We also made Christmas cookies with a
family who may want to hear the gospel! We were also able to see many
good people. Get to know the members in our wards better and have some
wonderful service opportunities out in the community which brought
lots of peace to my heart. We laughed with, worked alongside with and
helped bring some light to many in the area. This area is a little
part of heaven. The spirit of the people here are what helps. Because
if you look past what the usual stumbling blocks are, you see people
who want to love and be loved. Who want to share joy and feel joy. Who
really just want to help others come closer to Christ. And what better
week to do that than Christmas?

I'm so grateful to still have time to serve the Lord. To be able to
serve and serve with such leaders who help me see what Christlike
leadership is all about. I am grateful for the example of my Mission
President this past week. The wife of the couple that we lived with
passed away and as soon as he found out; he called wanting to know
what the mission could do. He ended up joining Sister Jones and I at
the services Saturday morning. For a woman he met only once. But
countless times I have seen him try his best to follow the example of
our Savior and minister. He's a pretty cool guy and I am grateful to
know him and his wife.

This week finds us with lots to do. We will be attending various
things with members and less active members. We will be moving. We
have service and a great opportunity Friday to talk with loved ones.

I truly love you all. And frequently miss our connections. But still I
am needed here :)

Merry Christmas! May the Spirit of Christ come in to your home and
heart this week and change you for the better.

Sister Walter

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