Monday, December 14, 2015

Almost Christmas, moving again

Date: Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 4:21 PM

Hey Hey!

It's super cold here. And it's almost Christmas. And well...that makes
me think a lil of home honestly. Especially since it has snowed some
and it has hailed. Sounds a lot like anywhere I have lived but

So to the things. This weeks has been pretty interesting. We had a
some really good visits with the Barneys. I really love those kids and
super can tell how much their dad teaches them by how much they know!
Also it's so cute because they always talk about missing Sister Moon.
She was their favorite Sister...:) Zone Meeting this past week was
really something. We had the opportunity to teach about the Christmas
video which was new. But learning how to teach the role of the Savior
use scriptures was powerful. Sister Passey shared some counsel with us
that if we cannot teach a principle with a scripture we shouldn't
teach it. That made me think a lot. How can I improve my teaching and
prepare better? Anyway. :)

We had some neat opportunities to be out in the community sharing the
Christmas video this past week. It was really something to get to meet
so many good people who live in Benson and Pomerene.

Also, we had some things happen where we are living. The wife of the
members we have been living with passed away this past week. She had
been sick for some time. But this was a bit sooner than we all
thought. The husband is doing the best he can. His kids are starting
to come into town. And one son is moving in. I am so grateful he will
have family close by. He is just so good. With this, Sister Jones and
I get to move. Just another day in missionary life.

Happiness: Christmas is next week. :) Which means more sharing of the
message of the Savior. Such eternal joy comes from this. I love you

Sister Walter

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