Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Yvonne baptized

Nov 9 (2 days ago)
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Hi Friends and Family!

I am so grateful this week to have been able to have served the Lord. Honestly I learned a lot about myself this past week about how selfish I still am and don't really know anything. :) But the Lord is there for that and He definitely gives us experiences to grow and become more. This past week we had the chance to see how the Lord takes us in the right way if we listen to the Spirit. It doesn't make sense...almost ever. And sometimes its hard to do. But the freedom that comes from following the Lord is better than not. 

Trust me, I have a hard time with this. I am in no way perfect. But I try. And the greatest privilege of a mission is to see others try. There is a man named Jim who tries so hard. He was recommended to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood yesterday because of how hard he tries. He is such an inspiration to me. Also my own companion has been an inspiration this past week. She tries and tries and has had some beautiful moments this past week. Where in the end the Spirit taught us both. There is a girl named Ali who is trying and desiring and acting and she is succeeding. She is such an inspiration. And just so many more Bailey, Jasper, Suzy, Alan, Glen...all of them. Choosing to try is the greatest gift. 

So the fun of the week. Got to pet a baby calf and let it suck of my hand! SO CUTE! :) Kinda love the farm things people. It is so great. Also, the teddy bear...softest teddy bear of my life! We were shopping two Mondays ago and I just RAN to it! I had to touch it...and I did. And I stood there and hugged it. And maybe I have gone back the following two weeks...and maybe I will go back again today. Mondays bring the worldly joys which really aren't that many. And it is surprisingly okay. The rest of the week is way better. 

The last picture of the sunflowers. They came from the baptism of a woman name Yvonne. My STL and I found her a little over a year ago and she was baptized in Sierra Vista on Saturday. When she asked my name I said that I knocked on her door a year ago and she just teared up and told me that I started it all. It was really humbling. We saw her maybe twice after that just on the doorstep. She was very busy. But we kept texting and inviting her to things. Through the Spirit and her readiness she got to Saturday. I learned that No Effort is Wasted. Nothing a missionary OR a member ever does is wasted. So please open your mouth and share your testimony. Invited someone to an activity. Just love someone in the way the Savior would and don't give up on them just because you want to. 

Your example, testimony...all of you is a powerful thing. 

Sister Walter

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