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Nov 23 (1 day ago)
November 23
Hi Loved Ones!

Happy Birthday Will! Happy belated Birthday Jordan!

I made it to three years this past Thursday and it felt so good. :)
Can't beLieve that milestone was hit. But in a way I totally can! God
is a God of miracles and this is just one of SO many that He is able
to do as I sought to be closer to Him through the atonement of Jesus
Christ and then apply it. Miracles. Faith. All good.

So the goods...transfers are tomorrow and Sister Harrington is leaving
to spend her last transfer in North Tucson. I am staying at least one
more transfer here in Pomerene and St. David. Sister Jones is coming
to serve with me here. I've heard great things about her so I am
looking forward to it. I don't know if y'all remember me writing home
about Sister Stebar. She is the Sister I just finished training 6
weeks ago. She is going to the Casas Adobes Ward in Central Tucson.
Leaving the countryside for the big city. :)

This past week was good! We saw some miracles. We met with a new
person on Tuesday who wants to learn more about the gospel. Which was
pretty exciting for us! We also went out this really long road, saw a
ghost town/western movie set and massive saguaros. Best part...the
family at the end of the drive. Saturday morning we got to help put up
this massive, life size nativity with one of the best families ever.
:) Really! Super helps that I adore playing with the kids. But this
family makes up half the town so so many people were there. It was
glorious! We were told it is such a great missionary opportunity to
bring people to it and walk them through and experience the scene and
reverence of Christ's birth. So excited for Christmas! Oh! And I
learned how to build a wall!!! Which is perfect since I decided a few
weeks ago that o want to design and build my own home...or one with
someone else. Haha. But really! From laying the frame, nail gun use,
putting boards on...it was magical! The only bummer was leaving before
he taught us to weld. But next time! So much I want to learn to do! We
just had a normal missionary week had some highs and did have some
lows. So grateful for the chance to choose to be grateful.

Speaking of gratitude. I would like to take a chance to let y'all know
that gratitude that grows in my heart for each of you comes from the
knowledge that we will see each other again. That our Heavenly Father
placed us in each other's path for a very specific purpose. That His
plan is divine and we get to choose to trust His knowledge. That so
much peace and happiness can be found in the simplicity of the gospel
of Jesus Christ. I love each and every one of you so profoundly. I
wish I could comprehend it sometimes. :) I know though that because of
that love, I will always be here. I will always be cheering you on and
waiting to give you the big hug. Letting you know you did a good, very
hard thing. :)


Sister Walter

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