Thursday, October 22, 2015

I Changed

Subject: letter 9/28/2015
To: Iris Walter <>

Family! Friends! Fellow Tucsonians lend me your ears! 

...or just your eyes 

Hey, how's it going guys? :) I hope you liked the story from last week! And the cool picture that you got! Yep, a tarantula. It was totally wicked! Oh man this transfer has done something to me in such a positive way. I feel SO much joy in my heart! And I have been able to witness one of the greatest miracles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Being front row for the soul wrenching, hell inducing trials of another and watching them come out on the other side with Christ on their side. 

Before they were alone. (thought they were...) And then through the bitterness and depth of sorrow they turned to Him who has "...borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows;..." and changed (Mosiah 14). The light, the attitude, the everything of this person is new. Different. Complete. Because "...he hath given it free for all men; and he hath commanded his people that they should persuade all men to repentance," or change (2 Nephi 26). To come more completely to Christ and become more like Him. This person, she is new. And I sure love her. What a miracle that through Christ we can be changed because of the Atonement. That has got to be the best part about my mission, not just the past 4 weeks though it has been so real these past few days. Change. Seeing the new light. Miracles. 

Speaking of miracles! Oh my goodness! I met some pretty amazing people this past week! :) I got to go on an exchange this past Tuesday with a Sister that I have to admit I had a struggle with many months ago. (but I CHANGED because I WAS WRONG. and I am so grateful I was because I love her!) And on exchanges I got to meet a super rad girl name Kelly! Holy hannah the church has needed her her whole life! Seriously this is one strong woman. And she just blew me away with her testimony and her willingness to sacrifice for her salvation. Yep. loveher. Where has she been my whole life? :) We also had so many miracles just striving to be under the complete influence of the Spirit and were led to some amazing places to do some amazing things. Wow! Oh man and then Sister Stebar and I had amazing experiences with working and seeing our people change this week. I LOVE that under change in the Topical Guide it says the Eternal Nature of God! Because God asks us to change and provides with opportunities to change and grow. I LOVE it! 

Oh my goodness super jazzed. :) I love you all. Really I do. But I am so grateful to be exactly where I am right now. Its hard but the blessings and growth are so worth it. 

love from AZ

Sister Walter

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