Thursday, October 22, 2015

Benson, AZ

Subject: Letter 10/19/2015
To: Iris Walter <>

Hey Family and friends,

Greetings from downtown Benson, Arizon-A! So in the past few weeks I got to go horseback riding! Hug a bear. Pet a mountain lion...suuuuuper weird. And stared down a looked like it was going to shoot! :) 

But really there has been so much more. So serving in Pomerene and St. David is a bit different than Vail. But still filled with such kind and good people! Only the people who know my Mom and where she is from will is like serving in Morgantown. But more members. :) 

We had a really cool experience last Saturday with stopping at a gas station and this man started to talk to us and tell us that he wanted to be happy. We told him that to be happy he would need to get closer to the Savior and he agreed. We shared a copy of the Book of Mormon with him and invited him to learn more. 

Also, cool story from Friday and Saturday. So last week we got a text message that there would be a surprise meeting in Tucson for the Mission Leaders. What? Okay. So we make arrangements and find out that Elder Lynn G Robbins was in town for the Temple Groundbreaking and wanted to speak with us. Pretty neat! The things we learned about, my brain is still trying to comprehend them. However what I did understand very clearly was that we have Agency. 100% agency. We fought for this agency in the Pre-Earth Life. :) We also have the 100% responsibility for whatever we choose to do. And the acceptance of the positive or negative consequences. It is no one else's, but ours. And as we take responsibility we also maintain control of our lives. I loved that. There was so much more about gaining the attributes of Christ and the importance of becoming someone through doing good things. 

Who do you want to become? 


Sister Walter

p.s. As I figure out more, I will write you more about the meeting! Super cool things. 

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