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Adventures in Vail

Sept 21, 2015

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Hello family and friend:

Once upon a time there was a girl name Sister Walter. And she was in this land called Vail Arizona. But she 
was only kept there for a short while. When she was there she went on many adventures with many friends 
and talked to many strangers with her two wonderful companions! She wrote on chalk walls, walked the 
streets, played in hail storms, rode make believe horses, ran over a rattlesnake, ran after cattle and tarantulas 
and lizards, traveled distances to a temple of the Lord!, saw planes, trains and automobiles, was given a 
baby who bloomed into a beautiful bird of paradise, saw friends come and go :), met amazing people, walked 
with God a time or two, went to the hospital, offered to kill a chicken, pet a emu, saw beautiful people enter 
into covenants with God and so much more. She found out basically that Vail was the translated City of Enoch. 

Sister Walter

If you can't see the pictures - one is of a tarantula, one a cow, one the temple.

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