Monday, December 8, 2014

Faith-works=dead and baptisms

Hi Everyone!
I always expected to love people with my whole heart. I never expected to be loved with theirs.
My companion and I were talking about the love that we feel from this family that three of the kids are getting baptized on Friday night. I've been working with them since August. They've had Sisters since February. And Sister rockwood has felt their love in just 4 short weeks. But I have never known such deep love to develop in my heart for so many people. It is crazy how much you can feel the Lord's love for those around you, if you take the time, slow down and choose to feel. What surprised me is how much I feel love from other people. I never expected to be loved so much in return. It is a gift that can only come from the Spirit being present and as we let Him in.
This week I have been studying faith and spent a few days in Ether 12. Its come across a few times throughout my life that faith - works = dead. Never understood it until last week. Faith is a principle of action and leads us to repentance which is change. To come closer to God. Faith is active. Without acting in faith God cannot manifest His power and bring miracles. I'm still working a lot of it out. But I am trying to understand it better to help this family we are working with. I'm super excited though!
Sorry for the short e-mail this week. Just know I love you all and I hope you all have a great week. Know that I feel yourlove in its many forms and am grateful for all you have taught me in life. I hope you take time to do the daily things that help keep you strong. Things that are so important. Praying personally and in your families. Reading your scriptures personally and as a family and having family home evening. They are so important. I have seen them change lives and felt them change mine.
Love you!
Sister Walter

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