Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall begins

October 21, 2014
Hi Everybody,

Is it already over halfway through October!? 
I can't believe we are already in the 4th week of my second transfer. Missionary time is so weird. But I wouldn't trade any of it. We had some really great time this past week and some really great learning experiences as well. 
I have come to see, understand and love more than ever the role that the Lord intended agency to play in our lives. Back about the time of General Conference there were a few people who we work with that when we would visit with them there was something that was different. And this feeling kept increasing in a non-positive way through yesterday. We have prayed, included appropriate others in our concerns and have fasted because these people are so precious to us and to the Lord. Although yesterday when we visited the Spirit was more present, we were more prepared and things seemed better there was an overarching lesson of agency playing out for me. We love these people. The Lord loves them. We have watched through tough decisions and happy times. And as much as we may want to choose for them so they can have such happiness all the time, that isn't what we are here for.

The missionary purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them...
We invite and help. We don't coerce, force...we invite, help, love and seek to minister in the way the Lord would to leave them in a better way than when we first were with them. 
This work is about building faith. Through invitations, love and helping people will want to come closer to Christ. We may never see the fruits of what we do. But these people, once they know how much we care for them and want to help, will choose as they know the truth of God. 
I love you all.

I hope you have a great week!
Have you been able to see Meet the Mormons?! We get to at Zone Conference on Friday! So excited!!
Sister Walter

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