Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sierra Vista week 6-Promptings


Just a short message this week. I just want to write to you about being exactly where the Lord needs you when He needs you there. We are working with a family right now and have a weeklySunday appointment. Yesterday they cancelled the appointment so Sister Cook and I started to head home. Once we got there we received a message to go back to this families home. We turned right back around and showed up.

This family is working toward baptism and the adversary is doing his part in this process as well. I just want to bare testimony of the importance of listening to the Spirit and yielding to the promptings that come. Whatever it is, if He entices you to do good, drop what you are doing and follow through on the prompting. This family is so important and the Lord loves them so much just as He loves all of you so much and those people who we receive these promptings for.

I love you all! And I commit to heed the promptings of the Spirit more fully this week as well. :)

Sister K. Walter

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