Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sierra Vista Week 4-RAIN

September 8, 2014

Hi everyone. 
Just some quick and crazy updates this week. We have had SO MUCH RAIN! The monsoons here are supposed to be over I think but we have had rain for 5 days straight now with up to a few hours each day. Saturday it was 3.5 hours of so much rain. The lightning just started again. I LOVE rain! Makes my soul happy. Tasha - I always want to go play in it when it starts. :) Oh Matt - good luck in India this week! ...I think its this week. 
Sister Cook and I were fortunate enough to hear about another person's prayer being answered on Saturday. He was truly astonished that the Lord spoke directly to him. The Lord can do that for all of us or through all of us, as we stay open to those experiences. 
We are working really hard here. Trying to plan a General Conference day Church Tour. We are really excited about it and our ward loves activities! So bonus. :) 
I hope you all have such great weeks this week and take the time to get in to the Book of Mormon, at least a chapter and a half each day. I know it will bless your life beyond measure. Answers are found there when our hearts are open to receiving them. This past week I was reading Alma 29 and loved in verse 3 that he testifies that the Lord will use our strengths we already have to have us share the gospel with others. Magnify the talents you have been given, be compassionate with yourself but not complacent. God wants you to help hasten the work. Even if that means calling someone you noticed was not at church on Sunday. We are all children of God, part of the same family. 
If you find your faith is struggling in any way, lean on mine for a time. It is growing more each day. I truly love you all.

Sister Walter

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