Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sierra Vista week 6-Promptings


Just a short message this week. I just want to write to you about being exactly where the Lord needs you when He needs you there. We are working with a family right now and have a weeklySunday appointment. Yesterday they cancelled the appointment so Sister Cook and I started to head home. Once we got there we received a message to go back to this families home. We turned right back around and showed up.

This family is working toward baptism and the adversary is doing his part in this process as well. I just want to bare testimony of the importance of listening to the Spirit and yielding to the promptings that come. Whatever it is, if He entices you to do good, drop what you are doing and follow through on the prompting. This family is so important and the Lord loves them so much just as He loves all of you so much and those people who we receive these promptings for.

I love you all! And I commit to heed the promptings of the Spirit more fully this week as well. :)

Sister K. Walter

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sierra Vista week 5-Creepy Crawlies

September 15, 2014
Hi all,

Umm...So I saw my first two tarantulas this past week! Gross. Honestly one was the size of a small cat. The man was holding it on his arm petting it! ugh I may never forget it. And I saw my first scorpion. Yep the desert has real creepy crawlies.
So we had a few amazing things yesterday. Not to say that this week hasn't still been so very hard. It seems that the longer the work goes, the harder it gets. But miracles are still very real. God truly blesses His children.
First miracle. A Sister we have been able to meet with a few times who has had some questions of the heart came to church yesterday with her two daughters! Through much prayer of many people in the ward the Lord helped her. She seemed to have some bright moments. We are looking forward to meet with her again to see how it went.
Second. Another Sister we are meeting with who is returning to the church came yesterday and she asked aboutu her records being in the ward. A few minutes after she asked, she was read in as a new member. She felt so happy and loved being there! The ward is so amazing at welcoming people.
Third. We have a baptism coming up on the 27th and he had his interview on Saturday. I have never seen a smile so big and pure on someone's face. He is such a good spirit. He had been worried about making friends. But he went to priesthood yesterday and was mister popular after church yesterday! Really so many of the brothers were asking if they could come and asking about him. Just reaching out to be a friend.
It was amazing. I feel like Alma in Alma 36:21. Never before have I had such exquisite sorrows and exquisite joys at the same time. There is so much God and good and so much pain and Satan.
But I do have a testimony today for you all that I know God is real and that He loves us and that the mere facts of these miracles happening is evidence enough.
I do love you all. The work is good. 

Sister Walter

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sierra Vista Week 4-RAIN

September 8, 2014

Hi everyone. 
Just some quick and crazy updates this week. We have had SO MUCH RAIN! The monsoons here are supposed to be over I think but we have had rain for 5 days straight now with up to a few hours each day. Saturday it was 3.5 hours of so much rain. The lightning just started again. I LOVE rain! Makes my soul happy. Tasha - I always want to go play in it when it starts. :) Oh Matt - good luck in India this week! ...I think its this week. 
Sister Cook and I were fortunate enough to hear about another person's prayer being answered on Saturday. He was truly astonished that the Lord spoke directly to him. The Lord can do that for all of us or through all of us, as we stay open to those experiences. 
We are working really hard here. Trying to plan a General Conference day Church Tour. We are really excited about it and our ward loves activities! So bonus. :) 
I hope you all have such great weeks this week and take the time to get in to the Book of Mormon, at least a chapter and a half each day. I know it will bless your life beyond measure. Answers are found there when our hearts are open to receiving them. This past week I was reading Alma 29 and loved in verse 3 that he testifies that the Lord will use our strengths we already have to have us share the gospel with others. Magnify the talents you have been given, be compassionate with yourself but not complacent. God wants you to help hasten the work. Even if that means calling someone you noticed was not at church on Sunday. We are all children of God, part of the same family. 
If you find your faith is struggling in any way, lean on mine for a time. It is growing more each day. I truly love you all.

Sister Walter

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Miracles (2) Sierra Vista # 3

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014 2:06 PM, Katherine Walter <katherine.walter@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hi Everyone, 
This week was super hard. But I feel that made the week better because I was able to learn so much more at times. I'm running short on time but I want to share a few great experiences with you that are so small. 
Sister Cook and I, on Saturday because of the holiday, had a completely empty day. So we pulled out old records and decided to take the day having members go out with us. We would just go and find these people, see if they were still there, still interested (or not).  We went on splits to less active members homes and also picked a street to do some inspired tracting. Throughout this day, in the beginning, it was one no answer after another, and I wanted to get discouraged. But in the end, we were able to get to know the members we were with, who had never been out with the missionaries, who just moved into the ward, see members follow promptings in sharing a thought or choosing a home to knock on bc they were truly inspired. The Lord really does need us ALL in the work in these last days in the gathering of Israel. There was so much more but I was grateful for seeing the members light shine and how they grew.

Oh, my e-mail is katherine.walter@myldsmail.net if you would like to write. we were given permission for friends and family.