Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sierra Vista # 1 Aug 19, 2014

Hello Everyone! 
I am now in Arizona and in an area called Sierra Vista. We are about 15 miles from the border :) Also we live close to the Ft Huachuca military base for those of you who are familiar. We are right in the middle of monsoon season and have already had three small rain showers today. 
I have to admit I was a little nervous when I got off the plane yesterday but I immediately felt SO much love from President Passey and Sister Passey. They took us to the van and we loaded our luggage. Then we waited for the others from the Mexico MTC to come and join us. 
After we had this great adventure to the Mormon Batallion Memorial where we started at the bottom of this hill and they gave us copies of the Book of Mormon and talked about the hastening of the work and then we RAN to the memorial! Haha! It was great. I feel so much joy and happiness being here. I admit I greatly miss the sacred safety that the MTC provided but everyone here who I have met so far are really amazing. We have a zone conference with Elder and Sister Maun (spelling) of the 70 next week and that should be amazing. We also get to go to the temple 3 times a year and one of those times is next month! Yay temple. Really. I love that place. 
We had interviews with Pres Passey yesterday and that was great. He is so kind. He also is so passionate about becoming who the Lord wants us to become! That resonated so much with my soul. 
My trainer is so sweet. Really, I feel such love from her and for her already. But I am ready to work. I feel like my head is swimming a bit but I know that is good. I feel I remember sis Barton at the MTC talk about that. We have a lot of families we are teaching. I am excited and admittedly a little nervous to start working with them but I know that the Lord with direct the work as I stay worthy of the Spirit and as my trainer and I strive to be unified through obedience and worthiness. 
This is the Lord's work my dear family and friends! I know that Lord is looking after you because that is what I am trusting from Him and more importantly that is what the scriptures say. I pray you all are so well. Its almost time to head out. We have work to do so soon. Time to go! 
Oh man! Such joy and happiness fills my heart. Till next week. 
Sister Walter

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