Saturday, August 30, 2014

Missionary Drive-by Sierra Vista #2

Hi Everyone,  
The first week here in Sierra Vista has truly been a blurr. I can't believe tomorrow I have been out for three weeks and in the field for a week and a half. I have been able to meet quite a few people from the ward, LA, RC and Investigators and other Elders in my zone. This is a truly blessed area, and I don't know what I did to be able to be here in my first area. Truly, I don't deserve this great of a place. 
The members are extremely kind and very engaged in the work. 
I had a moment the other night while we were driving around that I felt completely overwhelmed, and I just pulled over to the side of the road and said a prayer and out loud, I don't know what to do. I defer to your seniority in every way. I was talking to my companion out loud. But I was truly talking to the Lord. I felt so powerless. It was probably the most humbling experience to feel that powerless. I was reminded how much the Lord was in charge of the work. How great is that gift? Since then it has been a moment by moment effort to submit my will to His because who am I to think I know what I am doing in any way? God directs His work on this earth. I am only here to help Him in the task of hastening the work. 
There are such daily miracles here to help keep me humble too. And I am reminded of the sacrifice of Alma the younger when he gave up the judgment seat to go and preach the word. He almost gave up on the people at one time and the Lord responds and basically says, Go back. I will tell you when to give up on someone. I have had this testimony throughout my life grow but in the past week it has blossomed. 
Oh Sister Barton! Brother Frost! I was able to extend my first baptismal invitation on Friday and we have a date set. It was such a powerful moment to help this man realize how God was preparing him for that time to come unto Christ. Such miracles that you helped me to learn and internalize. Thank you. 
I truly love you all and pray for you all. 
Sister Walter

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