Monday, July 7, 2014

new language: compassion?

When you sit and listen, so much can be heard. Sometimes on fast Sundays I am grateful for the silence between people's testimony. Its in those silences that I learn the most. The learning is from the Spirit and it is also from the combination of what others say around me.

Today was no exception.

Its everywhere in the world and I am amazed how pervasive the lack of compassion in our speech is every day. Some people use the excuse, "I'm just sayin'..." or that they are passionate or are only speaking truth and have not time for "PC" crap. In my opinion, most of the time it isn't PC to try and speak with compassion and be thoughtful of another persons' circumstances. Thoughtfulness is the beginning of great sanctity.

I was unfortunately surprised with how many hurtful things I heard being said back and forth today. There was negativity alive in the tone of many people, as well as compassion trying to be returned in the actions of others later.

I don't know the context everyone came into today with. I know I struggled in the first two hours of my morning. I know there is a struggle in me to love when I see other hurt, to strive in a new language of compassion, unconditional love and other esteem.

How would we all benefit if when something we perceived as hurtful was said to us, we chose to take a deep breath and respond differently? Things would change. Lives would be buoyed. Souls would be valued. People would be less likely to feel the sting of hurtful words or a comment shrouded in a hurtful tone. Silences would be safe again.

I am grateful for the gift of silence. Of listening. Of choice. Of seeking to adopt a new language.

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