Sunday, July 20, 2014

mission struggles

originally written 7/17

I report for my mission in about 17 days. I leave in 16. My luggage came this week and we are starting to finalize packing lists and all the things that will either go with me, be in one place in case it needs to be shipped, and that need to be done.

I’ve been more excited in this process. I think right now I am trying to see the miracles in every day. There have been some great ones. God truly is here and in this process of preparing for a mission. I am trying to reinforce my faith in His plan for me. I have faith that this is the direction that the Lord has called my life in. This is my current path because I have felt it in my soul.

I am positively anxious to share the message of the restored gospel, to invite others to know about the message of redeeming salvation in Christ’s Atonement. I am grateful that the Lord trusts me to this call and am deeply humbled by it.

I have to admit; I have never been filled with more doubt either. Yes I had doubts moving to Rexburg for my undergrad degree. Yes I had doubts about my ability when I moved to Boston and went to grad school. However, I can feel something pulling at my mind telling me that I may just be the worst missionary ever. (anxiety much?)

All life is about mixed emotions and change though. This is another change that I do embrace with open arms.   

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