Wednesday, February 12, 2014

my own peace of mind in some crazy

made it through yesterday virtually unscathed. i ended up eating one extra serving of a veggie and of the healthy fat i had with my meal. but i think i said this before, i rather have a moment of that than have crazy time like i dealt with the past two weekends.

last night i hit up two of my recovery meetings. one them is centered in the gospel. it really helps me to remember the transformative power of the atonement. it helps to recall the real ways that God and the Savior impact my recovery. it helps to remember His grace in all that happens. it helps to see His grace as i reach out to serve and connect with another person. grace is real. i have felt it come into my person and change me time and again over the past 15 months. i feel it working now as i am struggling with food issues on a different plane than ever before.

my other recovery meeting is another 12-step meeting that i get to online. it is fantastic to meet with others in recovery. whatever stage we are at and meeting from all over the world. the ability to connect and touch another's life, that is always something to do.

now being on here, right now...writing about how well yesterday went is to help me not go off the deep end right now. i feel the crazy in my mind and it is definitely, directly related to my stress level. this stretch in evening has been one of the hardest for me the past few days. i'll probably head to my scriptures or back to data analysis.

right now, in this moment i am grateful for the gospel. i am grateful for the atonement. i am grateful for friends and my work.

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