Tuesday, February 11, 2014

cross off a day

yesterday was great. great in that i made it through 100% abstaining from a binge, or a compulsive eating moment or something that tied me to food in an unhealthy way. i was 100% true to my food plan. i felt great when i went to bed. a woman's journey that i have been following said it best one day, better to have a dirty dish in her room than one more trip to the kitchen. that was very true for me. but i felt great overcoming my first day.

let me offer some of my feelings of hope for why yesterday was different. sunday as i pulled myself out of my shutdown and went to oa and pulled my arp manual back out, i knew i needed to keep Christ with me. He provides the integral ability for change. the strength of the Lord meets me in the moments when i don't have enough on my own. in oa they refer to their Higher Power, whatever that may look like to them. i know that for me, my Higher Power is Jesus Christ. i have a testimony and knowledge of the the atonement of Christ and the transformative power of the gospel. i know that that testimony and strength came through messy times and it was hard to find. it took 15 years the first time and i guess i am still trying to fully trust it since i didn't turn to it for this. but yesterday i invited Christ along to help. today i have done the same.

we'll see how it goes. but i have faith to be able to cross off another day.

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