Friday, February 7, 2014

4 of 28

So yesterday again was SO much easier in so many ways. But in ways that really mattered it was so hard. I was tempted and my soul hurt and felt heavy and tense and stressed and then we went to the temple. Right, peaceful place? Usually is and I find strength there on many occasion. But I just felt cold and sick and heavy (all in my soul, not physically). Not a great place to be when you are trying to abstain from emotional eating. Haha yep.

What got my mind off of it was meeting up with my cousin who was in town for dinner. Yay! Family! I love family. Especially since we haven't seen each other in over a year. She is pretty amazing and it helped me remove my soul from the trials it was experiencing.

It really lends reality to what I have been learning, the more we connect with others in meaningful ways and serve them, we forget ourselves. And that connection is great, quite beautiful and marvelous. I appreciate the opportunity to connect when I am attuned to another's needs.

All in all for food, yesterday was hard and I stuck it out and white-knuckled through some really hard times. Hope today turns out better.

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