Thursday, February 6, 2014

3 of 28

This day was a little harder for some reason. Even though Tuesday night I attended to meetings, Wednesday was hard. Follows so closely with the thoughts that the harder one tries at being and doing 'good', the harder things get. But the more I work to make healthy habits stick more in my compulsive eating addicted to food brain, the easier some of this will be. Or at least more automatic. Sometimes automaticity is good when it helps.

So I got all of my meals in which is good. I had a few extras of a condiment which looking back, yeah wasn't so great but I'd rather that than a full of binge. I take my victories where I can and I call that a full on victory!

I got in my exercise for the day. 30 minutes of yoga and then about an hour of snow shoveling later in the day. That is pretty intense stuff, the snow shoveling at least. Yoga I am coming to love more and more every time because it helps to bring me back to center.

Remembering my yoga, meditation and my prayers, journaling and scripture reading or my 'dailies' as one recovery meeting calls it; all really helps. But everyday I don't remember everything. So I do my best in each moment. Hurrah for an overall positive day

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