Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's Christmastime 2014

On Monday, December 22, 2014 2:28 PM, Katherine Walter <katherine.walter@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hello Everyone!

I just want to tell you all how much I love an appreciate you. This Christmas season is really helping me to see the opportunity and importance of sharing the gift of our Savior with others around us.

Last Friday we had a Zone Christmas Devotional with President and Sister Passey and they gave us the best gift possible. They gave us each our own copy of the Book of Mormon. They invited us to read it between now and Easter and to look for direction and inspiration on a theme or topic. I felt prompted to study faith and obedience. Just within the introduction and the testimonies, I have learned a lot. They told us that as we study the Book of Mormon with a question or topic in mind, then we will have the Spirit teach us. And taking this challenge in this short time will open up the opportunity for a closer relationship with the Savior.

I am so excited for this challenge and to learn in such a cool way. I truly love the Passeys and am grateful for them in my life.

I am excited to spend this Christmas serving the Lord. I know it may be slower, I know it may be hard this week. But any time in the Lord's service is the right time. And He will be right there with us.

I would invite each of you to read 1 Nephi 11 this week and focus on the love of God, the gift we receive in our Savior Jesus Christ. And as you do, re-watch He Is the Gift. Or watch it for the first time. It is amazing.

Again I love you all. Merry Christmas. 

Sister Walter 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sierra Vista/training

On Tuesday, December 16, 2014 2:33 PM, Katherine Walter <katherine.walter@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hello all!
How can it almost be the end of another year? Wasn't it just last year and right now I was rushing to finish three 20 page papers at the same time and now I am sitting at the library rushing to finish e-mails to family and trying to express how much I love this place and opportunity I have to serve? (award for longest and most grammatically incorrect sentence?)
I made it through the transfer to stay in Sierra Vista again. I will have been here for a little over 6 months when I am done. Sister Goodwin just got here today and she is SO STELLAR! We talked the whole way back from Tucson and I just love her. I am amazed at how much she has learned in her life and I am so excited to learn from her. She has been out for 5 weeks and I will get to finish training her. But I feel like she will train me! That's the way this goes right? The Lord makes us out of who we are with?!
Anyway, I want to write more but I am out of time. Just know I am well and I love you all so much. Know that I love this gospel so much and that each day getting to learn His ways truly helps me learn more of Him. That the ways we treat those around us reflect how we feel about the Savior and how we have taken Him into our Spirit. And that when we want to retreat in, think about turning outward in service because that is what He would do and we want to try and be like Him no matter how hard. Because He loves us. And succors us. And helps us. We need to let Him.
Sister Walter

Monday, December 8, 2014

Faith-works=dead and baptisms

Hi Everyone!
I always expected to love people with my whole heart. I never expected to be loved with theirs.
My companion and I were talking about the love that we feel from this family that three of the kids are getting baptized on Friday night. I've been working with them since August. They've had Sisters since February. And Sister rockwood has felt their love in just 4 short weeks. But I have never known such deep love to develop in my heart for so many people. It is crazy how much you can feel the Lord's love for those around you, if you take the time, slow down and choose to feel. What surprised me is how much I feel love from other people. I never expected to be loved so much in return. It is a gift that can only come from the Spirit being present and as we let Him in.
This week I have been studying faith and spent a few days in Ether 12. Its come across a few times throughout my life that faith - works = dead. Never understood it until last week. Faith is a principle of action and leads us to repentance which is change. To come closer to God. Faith is active. Without acting in faith God cannot manifest His power and bring miracles. I'm still working a lot of it out. But I am trying to understand it better to help this family we are working with. I'm super excited though!
Sorry for the short e-mail this week. Just know I love you all and I hope you all have a great week. Know that I feel yourlove in its many forms and am grateful for all you have taught me in life. I hope you take time to do the daily things that help keep you strong. Things that are so important. Praying personally and in your families. Reading your scriptures personally and as a family and having family home evening. They are so important. I have seen them change lives and felt them change mine.
Love you!
Sister Walter

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 1, 2014

(Picture to come-if I, Katie's Mom, can figure out how to get it! lol)

What? Crazy! I LOVE that it is December right now. I can't believe that this time has just flown by and we are sitting here at this time, right now. What? For those of you who know me super well...you know that I LOVE Christmas. I will start listening to Christmas music in October...and just being so happy and giddy come December! Maybe Sister Rockwood and I got in the car this morning and turned on the Christmas music super loud because we were so excited!
Anyway, I just want to share a few thoughts with you all. This week was honestly a bit slow because of Thanksgiving. Who would of thought that people don't want strangers in their home around the holidays? :) I honestly didn't until I experienced this week. But we pressed forward and saw some mighty miracles of some doors being opened and seeing people who we haven't seen in quite some time.
On Saturday night we were heading to an appointment with Bro D and when we got there the man had forgotten but we rescheduled for tonight. But as we drove away to head to another area, we thought just one more door. And when we did we found this unknown name on the ward directory who the Sisters had been meeting with previously. His wife wondered why they just disappeared and invited us in. Rebuilding that connection was priceless. And this one more door turned into reconnecting with someone who is searching for a church. The Lord cares for His children and will get us to them!
As we learn in Moses 1:39; it is God's purpose and plan for us to return to Him. He won't make it so we can't. There is always a way. This is His work and glory.
Challenge for you all. :) Please take a few minutes to watch this video: christmas.mormon.org. It is called He is the Gift and share it on your social media site! The Church is trying to share this with everyone this season to remind them of the matchless of gift of our Savior and Redeemer. This gift is the only one that matters. There were pass along card that came in your December Ensign, share one. Send it in your Christmas Cards.

Love you all!
Sister Walter

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WOW what a Sabbath

Monday, November 17, 2014

Coronado Caves and Phoenix Temple

(I can't get her picture posted:-( )
Here is my new Zone! :) We went on a hike this morning and did some caving. This is after we had just climbed out. Most of that mountain is in Mexico. :) Coronado Caves. 

On Monday, November 17, 2014 4:01 PM, Katherine Walter <katherine.walter@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hello ALL!
It has been a pretty great week. Holding to all positives and really every moment had positives in it. I'd like to share one big miracle from yesterday. So yesterday was the Phoenix Temple Dedication and there were three sessions being broadcast from the Stake Center. We headed in for the earliest one and as we got out of the car a young man was walking to the church about to enter for church. 
(for those of you who are LDS and are not, know that the signs on the church says 'Visitor's Welcome'. but on a Sunday when there is a temple dedication, each member who enters needs to be 8 years of age or older and hold a temple recommend for the session.) 

So as we walked up to the door this young man was standing to the side and the Brother at the door asked us to step over and talk with him. We had a good conversation, learned that he was going through a hard time and had a desire to learn more about what Mormons believe.
We set up a time to come back later that night with the Elders who cover his area and to give him a  church tour and to share a little with him. This young man was grateful and we parted ways.
Later that night he texted us earlier than we anticipated, said he was ready then, we contacted the Elders and all 5 of us headed to the church. It was such a miracle because of the timing the Lord helped us have to arrive right after him. Also because of his desires, the other Elders schedule being open and this young man seeing and saying that he believed God sent him to church yesterday to meet all of us to help him.
This connects with the scriptures I want to share this week. I am reading in the BOM as well as 1 John. And I was reading 1 John 4 yesterday and was overcome with gratitude when I read 18-20 

18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth isnot made perfect in love.
19 We love him, because he first loved us.
20 If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom hehath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?
21 And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also.
I really appreciate and love verse 20 especially because of the focus of loving those who are around us. If we don't love those who are around us, who we see everyday, who we may sometimes ignore, how can we love a God whom we have not seen? How can we love anyone else we have not seen? It also reminded me of a passage from C.S Lewis The 4 Loves. But I am out of time, and that is for a different day. 
I just thought about this young man. If I didn't try and love God as imperfectly as I do. Then I wouldn't have opened up to love this person in front of me to help and offer to him something that will hopefully help him. 
I love you all! Opportunities to serve as Christ does are all around you, take them, pray to be aware of them. 
Sister Walter

Sister Rockwood comes to Sierra Vista

On Wednesday, November 12, 2014 4:09 PM, Katherine Walter <katherine.walter@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hi Everyone,
This really will be super short! Just ran out of time! Sister Cook went home today! It is so weird having lost my trainer. But I know it was time and she was ready. I have a new companion, her name is Sister Rockwood. She is SO great! We were able to teach a lesson last night and that experience together was such a great bonding moment for me, spiritually. I am so grateful for her and her experience and how that will help me grow and to see how I can help and serve her.
Miracle Vista...here we come!
Love you all!
Sister Walter

Monday, November 3, 2014

Ft Huachuca Nov 3, 2014

Hi Family, Friends and all I love,
So this week is just more of a fun letter and catching you up on some amazing things. This past week was just so fast. I can't believe that this transfer is almost over. Time is just going SO fast! Is it really November? Transfers are next week and Sister Cook flies home next week. We will find out on Saturday night where the Lord has planned for me next. If it is still Sierra vista or somewhere new. I still feel like I have so much work left to do here. But we will find out if that is just me, or the Lord helping me know if I will still be here!
We had Stake Conference yesterday broadcast from Salt Lake, that was pretty awesome! 

We got our first media referral this past week! Funny story, we met this guy my third day in the mission and have been trying to get a hold of him since! But he found mormon.org and asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon and we took it and he just got SO excited! We also have been able to contact a few part member families this week and that has been such a great blessing! And we had two new investigators this past week! The Lord is hastening His work in His time. It is such a blessing to see it and have the joys outweigh the trials but to know they come together. :)
So starting Saturday a cold front moved in. Yep. COLD. In Arizona. Below 60 degrees. Anyone from SoCal, TX or any experience in a southern state knows this is cold. But! We went to go start our laundry this morning and ICE was on our car! ICE! WHAT? And it was under 50 degrees. Not okay. lol Way too cold. haha. But it is November. :) While we were sitting waiting for the defroster to take the last chunk of ice away, the maintenance man for the apartment complex came and...wiped our windows off! Aww man! He is SO nice! We just love him.
And then, we were going to Ft Huachuca to go to the Thrift store and...got lost on base. Drove around for about 20 minutes and then on our way out of the gate...saw it right next to the guard posts. Haha. Yep! The post is beautiful though! We will go back next week. :)
Anyway, so much good and God is here guiding His work. I know that to be true!
Love you all!
Sister Walter

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Storage shopping

On Monday, October 27, 2014 1:23 PM, Katherine Walter <katherine.walter@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Is it already the end of October?
So this transfer and Month have absolutely flown by!

So this first part is for my Mom and Dad. But I just wanted to let you know that I am taken care of. :) There is a Sister in the ward who gives the most wonderful "mom" hugs and she is just so loving. You would really like her Mom. And there is another Sister who helps us out with some necessities when we need them, she is kind of like you with the Elders (go shop my storage ;) ). It is truly a blessing to be a part of this ward.
We had Zone conference on Friday and were able to see Meet the Mormons! ...half of it :) There was a mix up on the start time of the conference. Our whole zone was told 10 am and the others were told 9 am...whoops. :) But it was still amazing, and I can't wait to be able to see the first half some day after my mission.
The conference was also about conversion. About us seeking Christ and coming closer to Him. And how once we are converted we need to strengthen our brethren. The talk was called Be Ye Converted by Sis Oscarson. I hope you get a chance to read it. I'd love to hear some of your conversion stories afterwards-Some ways you have come to know Christ more personally.
We have a family that we are teaching, Brother and Sister M. The wife and their children are working toward baptism in December and I am hoping that I will get to stay one more transfer and get to be here for that! It would be amazing to be able to see Brother M baptize his family. They are all working so hard, and I love them so much.
We are teaching a few other members and have some great goals for this week! We have faith that the Lord with help us as we ACT on them and on His direction.
I love you all!!
Sister Walter

PS If you have written me a paper letter, and I have not gotten back to you, I just learned there is a Sister Walker in the mission who has been getting some of my mail, and we are trying to get them from her to me this week. :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall begins

October 21, 2014
Hi Everybody,

Is it already over halfway through October!? 
I can't believe we are already in the 4th week of my second transfer. Missionary time is so weird. But I wouldn't trade any of it. We had some really great time this past week and some really great learning experiences as well. 
I have come to see, understand and love more than ever the role that the Lord intended agency to play in our lives. Back about the time of General Conference there were a few people who we work with that when we would visit with them there was something that was different. And this feeling kept increasing in a non-positive way through yesterday. We have prayed, included appropriate others in our concerns and have fasted because these people are so precious to us and to the Lord. Although yesterday when we visited the Spirit was more present, we were more prepared and things seemed better there was an overarching lesson of agency playing out for me. We love these people. The Lord loves them. We have watched through tough decisions and happy times. And as much as we may want to choose for them so they can have such happiness all the time, that isn't what we are here for.

The missionary purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them...
We invite and help. We don't coerce, force...we invite, help, love and seek to minister in the way the Lord would to leave them in a better way than when we first were with them. 
This work is about building faith. Through invitations, love and helping people will want to come closer to Christ. We may never see the fruits of what we do. But these people, once they know how much we care for them and want to help, will choose as they know the truth of God. 
I love you all.

I hope you have a great week!
Have you been able to see Meet the Mormons?! We get to at Zone Conference on Friday! So excited!!
Sister Walter

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pictures tell the story this week.

On Tuesday, October 14, 2014 3:01 PM, Katherine Walter <katherine.walter@myldsmail.net> wrote:

1: Gila Valley Temple!
2: Sister Cook and I after the temple!
3: Border Patrol Blimp...yikes!
4: Cookie I made for a lady we are teaching who turned 80 :) She loved it
1: General Conference goodies for some kids we teach that we made!
2: Sister Cook, me and our mini missionary Sister M! She was with us for a week and it was so wonderful to have her serve with us and try out the mission life. it was amazing to see how she grew over that week. :) 
3: Umm...sorry Dad. So we got these bows bc they are AWESOME! :) And we look so good wearing them. UofA Wildcats! 
I love you all so much! I hope you have an amazing week! 
Catch you next Monday!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Get to stay in Sierra Vista 6 more weeks!

On Tuesday, September 30, 2014 12:44 PM, Katherine Walter <katherine.walter@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hi friends and family,
I officially survived my first transfer! And the Lord has decided to keep my in Sierra Vista with Sister Cook. I really love it here and have started to come in to my own with relationships with investigators, families we are working with, members of the ward we work with and others. Truly this is a blessed work. That is probably the hardest work I have ever done but is the best thing I have done with my life.
I have used a lot from conflict resolution lately which I wish I could tell Eben and David about. :) I think they would love the stories. Get a big kick out of how things work in a mission culture.
There have been so many great moments from this last week. I would say the greatest has to be seeing Bro G getting baptized on Saturday. We had been teaching him since I got to the area and he has just been so excited the whole time. Really such a pure soul. To see him get baptized and then receive the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday was such a privilege. He is one that when he would answer questions or share his testimony I would feel blessed to be in his presence. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for him.
Also, Sister Cook and I just had some good experiences of having planned for the day and then feeling directed in a different direction so we would take that direction and know that is where we needed to be. There has been a time or two where we have tried to control our days but when we sincerely ask the Lord what He needs us to do that day, He takes us there and prepares our spirits through what we may have studied that morning or heard through church talks or some conference talk I turned on that morning while we were getting ready. It is a gift to seek to do the Lord's will.
I am amazed by the capacity to love and try to love in the Lord's way. Even when I am hearing or seeing something that absolutely breaks my heart I truly am loving the person there more than I may have before. The Lord has a way to extend and grow our capacities in ways that sometimes hurt us a lot and I learned that this week. But then he tells us how much we are the only that could have handled that situation so it had to be that way.
I don't know if that made sense, I just know that God lives that that He truly is our loving Father. He has provided us with the gospel of Jesus Christ to help bind our wounds both physical and spiritual. I know that we have a living prophets today who lead our church and we get to HEAR from them this weekend! Yay!! :)
I love you all and pray you have a great week.
God bless.