Saturday, December 14, 2013

grad school is for fighters

Grad school is teaching me how to be a fighter for all the good reasons. 

Things worked together so well this week after some pulling and prodding. I have spent all semester working on my MP, basically a thesis but a little less formal. I have gone through ups and downs with its status and subject matter. I've almost quit a few times. But this week showed that fighting for your purpose and support from friends and family can be a great strength. 

I'll be in Rexburg working on this project for about a week and a half in January. It felt like nothing was progressing because of some obstacles here in Boston. But this past week everything began to align coming from Rexburg. Then on Thursday things in Boston began to work together and I turned in my proposal to the IRB yesterday. 

Relief flooded in and even though I still have two papers and a work assignment to complete I feel like a weight is lifted. I know the rush and stress will come again but I am enjoying today. 

...and enjoying this website my friend Kara showed me last night. 

Enjoy for some laughter:


  1. You can come stay with me if you need a place in Rexburg! -Jessica Prows (Tippetts)

    1. Jessica! We will definitely have to find each other while I am there. I think I am covered for places to sleep though. Thanks for offering!!