Friday, November 15, 2013

mom: providing moments of peace since 1989

Sometimes you are exhausted. And then the germs in your world decide to grab you and make you sick. And then through the little sleep because you are working on papers, stress, deadlines, trips, assignments, callings, volunteer work something gives. It gives because you were up so late and awake really early each day working on more papers and you can't breathe. But, through the fog that is the end of any grad school and college semester, your mom steps in to help from across the miles. To make that phone call, to take one thing off your plate so you can get by. Then your trip falls apart because you think you have the flu or something: fever, sore ears, chills, throat ache, nausea, migraine and stomach problems. So instead of heading to where your heart would be happy for the weekend you stay home. Because you are exhausted and have so much work to do and are sicker today than yesterday.

But you find comfort and joy that your mom still has the ability to succor you from across the miles. You are grateful for her help.

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