Tuesday, November 19, 2013

being present

When I was learning about different therapies in my undergrad, I was always enamored with the therapies that would demand presence from the clients. The therapist would keep them in the here and now. I thought that was so novel considering how many people think of the past, blame the past, fault others and so on for how they may be acting in that moment. Really, you control what you do. Yes, others' actions may be perceived as unkind, hurtful, rude, impatient...and this list goes on, but what we do with what happens matters.

Going to different addiction recovery meetings and listening to conferences and idea was brought up. Addicts have trouble staying in the present. For many we've lived in our past highs and live for our future fixes. As we go into recovery sometimes it is still hard to get out of that mindset. We may constantly plan for the future or wish for a time when "we were better."

This became really present for me yesterday talking with a teacher. While I was panicking about my timeline about my Masters Project saying...its the MIDDLE of November and before you know it, in a month we are gone for six weeks! I'm out of time. I was in a severe panic attack and thankfully he was kind and understanding. But he added, a healthy dose of panic can be helpful. Don't let it overtake you. Use it to your advantage but stay in the present moment and just work. Don't give up because you feel like its all over.

So continually learning about being present is ever more...present. Haha Grateful for people who can pull me back and help me focus, not add more pressure.

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