Friday, October 4, 2013


This past week I have been listening to this amazing free conference called Recovery 2.0 for anyone in recovery from addiction or seeking to begin recovery. Basically anyone at any place in their addiction and recovery journey. Goodness I have been so inspired by the talks I have listened to. There have definitely been some that have made me scratch my head but I heard so much truth. Truth in the way that a lot of what all of these individuals said resonated with the aspects of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It made me continuously grateful for the good people out there who listen and learn and find that truth resonates with them, even if it is only parts of it sometimes. I have found that the gospel's truth open up the truth, reality and beauty that is found in the rest of the world. It is truly magnificent. I am so grateful for the restored gospel and the healing power it has brought me in recovery and beyond in my earthly journey.

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