Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Have you ever really looked at yourself in a mirror or any reflection? Normally I'll just give enough time to say...oh no food, no dirt, okay you're good. Yesterday when I was on the train headed to school I was sitting with no one across from me and I was determined to sort through some of my thoughts at the time. But normally I would just close my eyes so I wouldn't have to see myself. This time I looked. I really examined the lines of my face and the wrinkles and scars. Then I decided to see the stories behind each one of them. Each pain and hurt was all I saw at first (bc lets face it most of us start there) but then it turned into each happiness, joy and laughter. The light the shone through my eyes as I smiled at my reflection caught me off guard but really warmed me. I was seeing and really appreciating my full story. I saw,

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