Tuesday, August 27, 2013

faith, trust and pixie dust

The summer is over but the lessons from it will definitely stay with me forever. The Lord really blessed me by placing people and circumstances in my path to help me grow. Though I don't understand most of them at this time I hope that through acting in faith and having trust in the Lord, one day I will.

There were many times that I really felt that if I heard one more person tell me to have faith or trust...I might punch them. But as I learned more throughout the summer I found ever more where my faith was anchored, in the Lord. And that it is in He and His Son, Jesus Christ whom I trust fully without hesitation. Maybe that says more about me but life has brought me to a good grounding to have trust in them.

Faith in the Lord's plan for me is one that I really have come to grow with every day. While moving down one path that I am so certain in, the Lord has prompted to prepare another as well. I am completely fine with it and know that I must have faith in the Lord's plan and trust Him. So as I transition from the lessons of summer to this new academic year, I pray that I may continue in faith.

Trust is something I have written briefly about before in an experiment of it. Yeah...anyway. Here I know it will take so much more to learn to trust so fully others as much as before. But that is what learning is for!! That is what life is for! That is what this journey is for.

Only the Lord knows what this new semester and year will bring. I hope that I will have the strength, faith and trust to follow His will for me as He reveals it in His time.

Who knows...maybe I'll find a little pixie dust along the way.

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