Friday, July 19, 2013

Moments of Purity!

I was texting with my dear friend's daughter tonight (who is also a dear friend :)) while I was at work. She was telling me how the missionaries came over to their house for dinner tonight! We were chatting about each of the Elders and how nice they both are and I just asked her, well how was it? And she said it was amazing! Or more correctly "...ah-MAY-zing!" That was a moment of such great purity for me.

The Light of Christ that people possess has the ability to testify of familiarity of truth. The Holy Ghost provides the constant companionship which testifies of truth and prompts and provides direction from Heavenly Father. The power of the Priesthood that comes through ordinations that worthy males receive has the ability to provide protection and add light to the Spirit a person possesses.

My friend's daughter didn't explain it all to me, she said she would tomorrow night. But that one word of "ah-MAY-zing" had the ability to testify so much truth to me during a pretty hard day. Her sincerity provided me with affirmation that the gospel is true. That Jesus Christ lives! That the companionship of the Holy Ghost is worth every sacrifice of unworthy vices and every sacrifice to remain righteous. That missions are amazing! That a missionary has the ability to provide and add so much to a person's testimony by just being a righteous example and being in someone's home. Nothing formal has to be taught. Friendships can be made and the teaching is there. That the priesthood brings SO many untold blessings into the lives of those who allow their hearts to be open!

I am so grateful for missionaries and I am so grateful for the four wonderful Elders that the Lord has blessed the Alton/Jerseyville area with at this time. They are wonderful, wonderful young men.