Monday, April 29, 2013

Simple Things

You know how when you are in a really good place and trials seem to come harder and faster than at other times? Yep, that is going on right now. But there is power and peace in pushing through and doing the right things especially when it isn't easy.

With the semester wrap-up and racing to finish papers, as well as continuing on my amazing health change and continuing to prepare for the temple and work, things are getting almost hard to breath crazy. I devoted about thirteen hours this past Saturday to revamping a proposal for a class, that was insane. In the middle of it I really, really wanted to talk to one of my professor's from BYUI but, alas I couldn't. Instead I hopped on his academic blog and found an article he had just posted. It just happens to have been exactly what I wanted to talk to him about. So it was like I was getting the advice indirectly but still from the source. Definitely a simple thing but such a bright spot.

Yesterday was hard for so many reasons. But, I made it through. After a rough start to the day I made it to church in time for Sunday School and Sacrament. Though my focus was in and out for both of those meetings, the spiritual confirmation that I made the right choice and was in the right place was so overwhelming and peaceful. Even though my soul was wrestling so hard, there were still simple, bright moments. Like a new friend that I have made a church, she offered to give me a ride home because she's amazing! But, also because it seemed like I had a rough did she know before I had said anything? The Lord is amazing at putting people in your life. Speaking of bright moments, my friendships with different classmates are becoming really cherished amidst all the stress.

Today, not as high pressure as yesterday. But there was still something very heavy in it. Simple bright moment: my brother texting me and suggesting I listen to this song: Be Still by The Killers. Amazing moment in today.

Sometimes it is really the simple things that are the most meaningful. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father that He provides these small, much needed moments at the right times.