Saturday, March 30, 2013

for everything there is a season: friends

I have been thinking about seasons a lot lately, mostly because Boston can't decide if its Spring or Winter. We moved two times when I was a kid and each time I would be really sad. I didn't want to leave friends and so on. Each time my parents would remind me that they were in my life for a season and the time came for us to move out of each others lives.

I've gone through times where "why bother making any connections because it is another you lose down the road" as a motto. 

So I have been thinking about all the seasons I have had, both with friends being around for awhile and then the time coming for their exit. I consider myself blessed to have four very close friends that I have known since we were all in elementary school. Life has given us all very different trials and experiences and though we are not as close as we have been, I know that they are there. I sure do love Emily, Megan, Laura and Annie.

I really only talk to two people from high school. I was friends with a lot but there wasn't much there to endure past that season. But I learned so, so much from those who I knew and still see from time to time when I am home.

I have four wonderful friends that have endured from my time in Rexburg, Idaho. I do keep in touch with a lot of the people I knew there. But these four ladies Irina, Carina, Samantha and Casandra are special. We found something good in each other and built around that. I do feel that these ladies will stay constant through my seasons though at times the connection won't be as strong.

Now I am in an almost completely different season than any before. I've moved to a city where I knew no one! I tried out being brave at school and talking to people, seven months later and I have some pretty good connections there. I have found a great friend in my roommate Tasha. Church has been great as well. Only one fast friend, Beka. However I know that I am starting to make friends with others there. Who knows how long they will last or if they'll even be deep connections. I still get lonely here. I long for something more.

I have come to accept in my own life that this life, it is about connecting with people. Having a positive exchange with someone. I don't have to be friends with everyone, but I need to try and leave them better than I found them. I need to offer people I meet the respect of acknowledgement and knowing that they were heard.

I hope this season finds me just caring about people. I hope it finds me wanting to help those around me and not worry so much about friends and who has come in, stayed or faded away. I hope it finds me being happy with what I have already been blessed with.


  1. This reminds me of my song, Racing Towards Sunset! You are great! Thanks for writing this!