Friday, February 1, 2013

Formidable Revelatory Epiphany

Such a mouthful, I know. But it is what I feel. For those of you whom I am close to, know that I plan on submitting mission papers at the end of the year. This revelation came to final decision with moving to a new town, through scripture study, General Conference and hearing Elder Anderson speak the following week at my Sake Center. Along with this revelation came many, many others. You see, with such a life changing move comes many other parts that need preparation.

Part I: General Preparation
This is to continue in my spiritual endeavors through prayer, journal writing, attending the temple, reading and studying the scriptures and now paying more attention to Preach My Gospel. As well as reading more of the revelation to the Latter-day people from God through His Prophets and Apostles.

Part II: Temple Preparation
I had been feeling this impression a bit longer than the one for going on a mission. I begin Temple Preparation class at church on Sunday, I am very excited. I hope to go through the temple in April or May in St. Louis with family.

Part III: Keeping of Covenants, Commandments, desire to work everyday to the pleasing of God
This is almost a given, but it is important to recall when times are rocky.

Part IV: Continuing my education.
There are a few reasons why I feel that I am supposed to finish my education before a mission. Partly because of the work I feel I am to do here in the area...partly with those around me but mostly at my University. I pray that I will have strength to do this.

Part V: Health, Wellness, Weight Loss...and much more.
This is one that I may or may not choose to write more about, since it is something that I dare not even talk to closest friends and family about it. However I will mention it at this time because it is part of the Epiphany as a whole. I have started a program called Take Shape For Life. It is part of the larger MediFast network. I heard about it through my roommate who is a coach for it...and now my coach. I pray that she won't be sick of me through it all! Haha!
Anyway, I have started things before but I have either had no success from a personal decision to quit or needing to get off of it for health issues that came about by doing them. Personally, I now realize that I did not care as much or wasn't ready until now. I know that each day will be a battle to the temptations out there but I know this is right.
Why is it important for Health and Wellness? Besides the obvious longevity of life, for a mission there is a lot of physical strain through walking, riding bicycles, stress and much more I am sure to find out. It is important as well for a future, children, marriage, happiness.

So I take this time now to truly prepare for this next journey in my life, by making my life better. I imagine other parts will surface as I continue through this preparation. But, I am really ready this time. Not only for myself, but to be a better disciple for my Savior Jesus Christ.

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