Sunday, January 6, 2013


So many things! I have been home for the holidays since December 14 and have been sick almost the whole time. Yet it has still been an amazing visit home! I am doing so much better and am ready to continue in happiness til it is time to return to school.

Just a few thoughts on this beautiful Sunday I have had. This morning I was ready early for church...who would have thought? So I ran up to my room to say my prayers before we left for Alton. the whole ride was blessed as my parents and I talked, laughed and sang hymns.

Church today was special, it only happens once a month, Fast & Testimony Meeting. Going in I had more of an open heart than I have before. While I was listening to the hymns that were sung and really hearing the sacrament prayers, thoughts of things I had to do were creeping in. Oh, I need to e-mail her, or him or research this...but for the most part I was able to put them out.

As the testimonies began I decided to just work on finishing the last two pages of my journal, but the Spirit wouldn't let me. I kept having my attention drawn in by comments made by those I have known almost my whole life. These people have watched me grow up and I too have seen them go through many trials.

There were a few people that really spoke to me today. The first was Jack. He is an elderly man who has lost his wife, been through many health trials and just recently came out of the hospital. He said while he was there he decided to count his blessings and got to two before the nurses came in with the needles. Oh Jack, :). He continued to talk about how that was a blessing, and then talked about drinking in all his blessings and having to use the saucer first because his cup had run over. A man who has always been quiet and strong that I have never talked much with touched my soul. He has lived through bare means and has faith greater than I can fathom at times.

The next I want to mention was Dave. I remember a few things but wanted to share how he talked about the Lord's love for us. His wife works with the children in our church and in a lesson gave each a dropper of water to put some in the glass when they had a good thought about themselves. By the end there was no water in the glass. So she took the pitcher and poured it in the glass. The water went everywhere because there wasn't enough space in the glass for everything from the pitcher. And that the water was symbolic of the love that God has for us. There is not enough space in us for all the love that God has for us. He loves us so, so much! This was another moment where someone spoke to me; another man, who though we are not close, I have been friendly with his family for awhile. They are magnificent people with more faith than most. It is so inspiring.

The last one, Nicole. I just, we have become close friends this past year and when she got up to bare her testimony I just felt the love that God has for her and her awesome family. My lessons from her today are too personal to share but I love her so much! Her faith, strength and tenacity are so inspiring.

It has been a tremendous Sunday. I feel some of the overflow today, both in blessings and in love.

Everything in life boils down to this, God loves you; so love other people.


  1. Katie,
    Thanks I needed to hear that. Love you!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the love of God for us. I needed that too.