Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Teachers are so amazing! 

My ultimate teachers in life have been my parents, I am so grateful for the things they teach me everyday! And I love them so much!

But this is dedicated to those who have taught me through my academic education.

Throughout my life I have been so blessed to have pretty amazing and inspiring teachers at school.
I would like to dedicate this to a few really important ones. You see, these teachers, these people in my life not only taught me about religion, art, music, english, history, math, science and psychology. These people helped teach me how to be a good person. They taught me the value of a kind word, work ethic, responsibility for my work, actions and what I leave in the world. They taught me the value of professionalism but to also laugh! They taught me to not be ashamed of my life and my beliefs and to stand up for them. They taught me how to care for those around me and how to want to go beyond what they teach and be curious about the world. They taught me through their examples and the little actions. These people, and some now friends of mine, have impacted my life for the long run. I just hope that they know how appreciative I am. And I hope that they know that they mean something in the lives of their students.

Thank you Mrs. Fry, Mrs, Schultz, Mrs. Taake, Ms. Harpstrite, Margaret Voke, Mrs. Morgan, Mr. Beauchamp, Ms. Bear, Mr. Kaminsky, Mr. Gracey, Professor Phillips, Professor White, Brother Gee, Brother Clay, Brother Lowry, Brother Williams, Brother Taylor and Brother Whoolery!

You really have helped make a difference in the person I am and the quality of character I possess.

Have you ever had a teacher who has meant a lot to you?

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