Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some Thoughts from an Emotional Few Weeks

Life sometimes feels like more than I can handle. Assignments are given and homework has to be done, church callings, volunteer work, extra curricular work through school that is great but a lot at times, the hassles of the world seem too much, the conflict, war and terror in the world seem so bad, Satan creeps in and begins to play on my insecurities, sometimes there is homesickness... There are times when I just want to hit snooze on it all and retreat from my life. I did that these past two and a half weeks.

This all came down on me and instead of taking it head on like I usually try to; I retreated. I missed some deadlines for assignments, didn't leave my apartment other than to go to school, missed a meeting at school I should have gone to, didn't talk to family or friends for a few days. skimped on my prayers and scripture reading, I stopped caring... I saw myself descending down a hole that I have been few other times and stopped myself before it became to terrible.

It began with an almost honest conversation with myself and with a friend. It also came through sharing a special message of the gospel with one of my oldest friends. Healing also came through reading the scriptures with the girl I speak English with bi-weekly (she has become such a light in my life). Healing came through soul-searching at Mt. Auburn Cemetery last Sunday, Veteran's Day.

Veteran's Day, a day that is mostly overlooked for its true purpose and meaning. Veteran's Day is a day that we can thank those who have served and are serving our country! Veteran's Day, a day that we can really reflect on their sacrifices for us and what we can do for them. I feel that it is extremely appropriate that Thanksgiving and Veteran's Day are so close together. It helps me have the opportunity to not only reflect on Veteran's Day but to feel the immense gratitude that is embedded in my soul for the men and women who protect our country. It helps me to see the beauty in every moment that I live.

Since High School, one way or another I have tried to watch Band of Brothers on or around Veteran's Day. My favorite part of the series is when the actual men depicted in the miniseries reflect on the experiences that they had. I tear up every time and am inspired by their humility and sense of service that they had to their nation and to each other.

 On a Sunday where we learned about teaching light and truth to children, and finding faith and hope in my life...I have really reflected on the stories in this series. While in a degree program studying conflict, murder, violence, arguments, threats, stereotyping, moral exclusion and the other follies of conflict and war; there is still time to talk about resolution to conflict. We talk about mediation, listening and truly coming to understand the people we may come in contact with. We talk about teaching others resolution tactics so they can help others in their community. Thankfully we try to figure out ways to a more peaceful world.

So whenever you are having an emotional day, or a few weeks...try to find the good in the situation. It may be by talking with a friend, it may come through sharing a message important to you with a friend. It may come with saying a prayer to God, or the higher power you may believe in. It may come through reading the scriptures or by reflecting on everything you have been blessed to have.

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